Rian Farisa (6)

Started his writing career as a food blogger, a hobby that he still maintains happily until now, Rian Farisa has seen actions as an international journalist by becoming a freelance contributing writer and a correspondent for local and international printing and online media, as well as television networks and consumer goods companies.

Specializing himself in F&B writing since the very beginning, Rian has also been expanding himself as an all-round writer of lifestyle by undertaking tasks for feature writing, restaurant reviews, travel writing, interviews, and also as a consultant for food-related ventures involving restaurant opening, researches, and app developments.

As an accomplished writer now, his works are written in Bahasa and English, in addition to other journalism-related tasks such as editing, copywriting, and translations.

Such is in line with his motto of “‘To strive and to thrive’, be creative, and be passionate”. From here on, this travel loving gourmet will continue to seek challenges as a journalist beyond borders, sharing his love affairs in culinary and lifestyle.


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